Aims and Scope

Current Research in Wastewater Management must not always be promoting “high technology”: large systems. It will also include smaller or “low technology”, such as the mixture of wastewater with indispensable indigenous resources such as harmless biomass. The management of wastewater encourages shipments that provide new information on processes and physical, chemical and biological regulations for the cost-effective management of wastewater from various sources. The works that cover approaches and multidisciplinary techniques are very desirable. Current Research in Wastewater Management will evolve continuously to reflect the demands of people in constant transformation at the local, regional, national, national and international levels. Current Research in Wastewater Management focuses on protecting public health and preserving our resources through technology. No such journal comparable to the proposed one which is exclusively dedicated to the central theme of microbiological profile of current opinion in wastewater treatment is running by the publisher.

Subject areas may include, but not limited to following fields:

  • Wastewater management by physical, chemical or biological means, including research at the interface of these approaches;
  • New materials and process technologies for water and wastewater treatment, including membranes, advanced oxidation, nano-enabled materials and processes;
  • Groundwater and non-traditional wastes like municipal and industrial wastewater for recycling or reuse;
  • Advances in measurement and detection of regulated water quality parameters, waste water genomics, wastewater biotechnology as well as real-time monitoring of pathogens and emerging contaminants;
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